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Monday, September 03, 2007

Boulder, again

I got to make another stop in Boulder, see a few people I didn't have time to see the first time (Beth, Deidre), and see Bindu and Jeanne and Jane and Zetta again.

Mountains on the way in to Boulder on 36.

Me and Parmita, who runs White Swan Records (Deva Premal's label, and where I worked for the summer of 1995, among other things). She is an old friend of mine (I used to camp on her mountainside with friends when I was a teenager) and of Jane's, and has known my dad a long time.

Ms. Deidre Saddoris taking a break from her margarita on Pearl Street. Dee was my roommate in the Pea Green Dyke Den in 96-97, and we reconnected last year after we ran into each other at the Rocky Mtn Folks Fest. She now has two boys and works at Sounds True in the publicity dept. Cool job. :) There was a picture of me drinking a mango jalapeno margarita, but I think you've seen enough here of me and my foofy cocktails.

Me and Jane Seaton, mom of Bindu, ex of my dad's, good friend and amazing woman and writer. I think that covers it.

Jane and her partner Zetta, who I feel very lucky to have spent some time with.

Sunset on the Flatirons.

The ceiling of the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse.

Bindu and Jeanne at the Boulder Teahouse.

Me and my tea.

Jeanne, Bindu and me outside the Teahouse.

Jerri, her son Evan, and her father (Independence, MO). So glad I got to meet them, and so glad I got to see Jerri again and hang out a little. And my toes are all fixed up nice, too! :)

To everyone I have stayed with or spent time with on this trip, HUGE thanks to you for taking sure good care of me and sharing yourselves and your stories. This trip would not have been possible without you, and I am going to go home and work hard (after I sleep for a long time) to put my stories together, keep writing, and see what I can make of all this.

Just had a lovely breakfast with Beth. And, now (after a few more minutes in the Trident Cafe) I am headed home!! (But there will be more Boulder pictures and probably some of the drive.)


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