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Monday, August 06, 2007

Katie and Alex and Miriam

Last Friday I had lunch with my cousin Katie Moos in Cambridge (I didn't even know she was there until a few hours before I left, thanks Jonah...). I hadn't seen her in two years and hadn't had a real conversation with her in many more years than that (probably not since she was a kid, she's 23 now). It was really good to see her and hear about what she's up to these days. She's going to San Francisco to work for 6 months in the fall, so maybe I'll see her again....

So I am now in Spring Valley, New York staying with my cousin Alex and her parents, Miriam and Gerald. Miriam is Maeluise's younger daughter (Judi is the older) and my mom's cousin. They live in the Rudolph Steiner Fellowship Community, “an intergenerational community centered around the care of the elderly. We seek to work and learn together using the spiritual science anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner as our basis.” It's a lovely place, although I've been so tired that I haven't seen a lot of it yet. But here is Alex and Miriam.

Tomorrow Alex and I are going to Scarsdale to see our great-aunt Barbra.

Oh, and Jonah has posted a slideshow of pictures, including some very cute ones of Zoe and Makaylah. That is here.


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