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Sunday, August 26, 2007

DC and Maryland

Here are the pictures from Maryland and DC, last week. I had a really great time looking up family history stuff with my mom's cousin, Bob Baum (Barbra's son, Margo and David's brother). He has all kinds of great old family stuff, letters and things going back quite a ways, as well as this family tree program that he's entered seven generations of our family into. I loved it (and I want a Mac compatible one, so consider that my birthday is in 3 weeks...). ;)

Bob took me for a walk along the trail at the C&O (Chesapeake and Ohio) Canal near Bethesda, which was quite beautiful.

Bob's wife Karen and her daughter, Cassie.

Bob cooking breakfast (pancakes...yum).

Bob's cats, Flip and America.

This I thought was so cute, until I noticed it was slightly obscene. Oh well.

The next batch of pictures are of my friends Kate (who I know from Missoula) and Jen, and Kate's son Elliot, in DC. I love them, love their kitties, love their guest room. Feel free to explain to them in your comments why they need to move to Portland (which they are considering doing, in, um, 1-4 years).

Kate and Jen.

Elliot at the dinner table.

Kate and Stella.

Kate and Stella.

Ms. Jen Kern.

Jen and me.

Elliot and Kate: a somewhat psychedelic phone picture. I like it.


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