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Sunday, August 12, 2007

More Fire Island pictures!

Some more pictures from Fire Island.
David (Lucy's son), me, and Louis (Lucy's nephew) at Cherry Grove. I love that they have as many rainbow flags as American ones (maybe more).


Eating shrimp cocktail at Cherry Grove (apparently known for being more alternative and full of drag queens and aging lesbians, though I didn't see a lot of those things).

The boardwalk that criss-crosses the island (there are no roads and no cars).

One of the may ill-behaved and very gregarious deer on Fire Island.

These next ones document Louis and me (OK mostly him, but I supervised) making Bloody Marys and drinking them on the front deck. Definitely a highlight! They turned out very well, but I may still have to work on perfecting this skill at my next cocktail party.

Boys playing volleyball on the beach.

Lucy on the beach.

Me playing in the water.

All the boys and Lucy at dinner.

Lucy and me.


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