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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Finally made it to Philly (and DC)!

So I finally got to hang out with my friend Terry, of Separation Anxieties. She had done one of Jennifer's previous writing workshops and is an old friend of Carrie's. We met once over lunch at Old Wives Tales (with Carrie and Holly) in Portland in February, but then were unable to see each other when I was east in April (due to a bit of family drama). So I was thrilled to see her and finally meet her gorgeous and talented family (I got to see Leo in Suessical: The Musical on Thursday night, he was the Mayor of Whoville). We had such a great time. Terry is just one of those people I could talk to forever (and she has plenty to say, too...). :)

Terry says about the top picture, "I'm trying to do my Jess impression." Hmmm.

Sophie, Greg, Terry, and Leo.

Philly at dusk photographed from the little red Miata convertible.

More downtown Philly at dusk (notice the Israeli flag..). Terry, you can tell us what building these are...

At lunch on Friday at a really funky restaurant called Pod. The different colored florescent lights were a little intense, but Sophie was into it!

I am currently in DC with my friends Kate and Jen, also going to see my cousin Bob in a little bit.


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