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Friday, August 10, 2007

Scarsdale and Fire Island

Here are a couple of pictures of Alex and me with our great-aunt Barbra, Happie and Mae's younger sister. These are from Tuesday night in Scarsdale.

Barbra gave me some old manuscripts of my great-grandmother, Amie. Who knows what manuscripts really mean, but it makes her writings sound important, and they certainly are, to me. They consist of three or four short stories she wrote when she took some writing classes.

And now I'm on Fire Island (The Pines) with Lucy, who is, technically, my step-grandmother. But she's not really quite old enough to be my grandmother, and is a little hipper than a grandmother (no offense, Grami). So, she's just Lucy. We've been having a lovely time out here in this amazing place. Yesterday was dark and rainy so we drank good wine, read old letters, looked at pictures, and just talked (and of course watched all the flamers on the boardwalk). It is awfully nice to talk to people who really knew my mother, and my grandfather. And someone who is so fabulous regardless of all that.

Today is clear and sunny and it's a whole new place. Lucy's son David and her nephew Louis arrived late last night, as well as their friend Richard and his boyfriend. Some of us are going on a walk along the beach to Cherry Grove soon.


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