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Thursday, August 16, 2007

New York, New York!

I just had the most fabulous week in New York City. Mostly hanging out with Lucy (and one more dinner with David and Louis). We went to the Terrace in the Sky restaurant on Tuesday night. This was where Happie and Charles had their wedding reception in January 1980, when I was four. I had a memory of hanging out with my brand new cousin Jonah and trying to reach a bowl of candy on the bar, so I wanted to go see it. The view was amazing, but the bar had been renovated and was different. The drinks were good anyway.

On the roof at the Terrace in the Sky.

At Picnic, a lovely place at Bway and 101st.

Times Square on the way home.

Then yesterday morning I got to see Kim and Isabel! Kim had done Jennifer's second workshop with me in February. She used to be in publishing and is now raising her gorgeous daughter Isabel. We went for a lovely walk in Central Park and then to the carousel, which I hadn't been on since I was little. I loved that carousel when I was little. I have a picture somewhere of me on it when I was five, just recovering from chicken pox (still covered in red spots), wearing a sailor suit. Must find that.. Anyway, here's Kim, Isabel and me.

This morning I am back in Spring Valley with Alex and Miriam and Gerald, and later I am off to Philly to see Terry! :) OK, must re-pack my car now.


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