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Monday, July 16, 2007

A little slice of home

So last Thursday on my way from Ann Arbor back to Bay City (for a night), I had the wonderful fortune to stop in Okemos, Michigan (just east of Lansing) to see my friends Kate, Brandan, and Willa from Portland. They just so happened to be visiting Kate's brother and his family there. I don't know if I can convey how happy it made me to see them there in the middle of Michigan in the middle of my long trip. Like a little slice of home. And it was an honor to meet more of Kate's cool family, especially Willa's cousins Zeke and Olive (who I'd seen pictures of for years). A very lovely and talented bunch (check out the music here).

Willa (right) with her cousin, Olive, in fancy dress-up clothes.

Willa and Kate do an impressive stunt.

Brandan and me before dinner.

Willa makes a face at me at dinner.

Then my first stop in Rochester was at Kathy and Peter's house (parents of my friend Carly, now in NYC). I have known them all since Carly and I were in high school, and they are almost as much family as anyone. (They have a web site about their adventures in Italy here.)

Kathy on the back porch on Saturday morning.

Me with their good friend Wilson, very sweet guy.

Kathy's car.

Kathy and me, front porch.

Kathy and Pete.

Stay tuned for a pretty insane coincidence, and pictures of my great aunt Maeluise (Happie's sister).


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