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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fairfield and Iowa City

Spent three lovely days in Iowa, one in Fairfield and two in Iowa City. In Fairfield I got to see my cousin Margo and the Maharishi University where she lives, meditates, and is involved in working to bring transcendental meditation to kids. Margo's boyfriend David (who is the leader of the TM movement in Trinidad & Tobago) gave me a great tour of the campus. Here are some pictures including some of the big domes they meditate in. It was quite interesting to learn about how all the newer buildings all face east to capture the energy of the rising sun.

Also with Margo and David, went to an outdoor jazz festival in Iowa City on Sunday night. So much fun, and we got to see the Derek Trucks Band. SO good.

In Iowa City, I walked around the University campus a bit and found the dorm my mother lived in in 1963-64. Went the great Prairie Lights Bookstore and the Iowa Writer's Library, home of books by many cool people involved with the Iowa Writer's Workshop.

And I got to see Amma, the Indian spiritual teacher and humanitarian leader. Very interesting as it had been a while since I had been to darshan with a teacher like this. Beautiful live music and wonderful chai (almost as good as Lisa's...).

And now, onwards to Chicago to see Rachel.

And hey, I know you guys are out there reading. Lets see some more comments here! It's painless, I swear. And it makes me so happy to hear from you!


  • At July 3, 2007 at 1:32 PM, Blogger Jerri said…

    Read about the buildings facing east. Here on the pond, the windows face east, but it's the entrances facing east with those buildings, isn't it?

    Hope you get to go inside one next time. Sure would like to hear about the experience.


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