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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Last stop Seattle.

These ones are a bit late, forgive me (this was last weekend). Just a little behind here. These truly, are the last of my trip. Even though Seattle was a separate trip, it felt like part of the same one. So I got to see Kari O. and her family, which was lovely. Cute girls and a cute husband for sure. :)

Erin, Lauren, Kari, and me in their backyard in Woodinville, WA.

Kari's husband Sean, and daughter, Lauren.

The view from Happie's little balcony: Lake Washington and the Cascades.

My grandmother, Happie, outside her building on Capitol Hill.

I also got to see Jen Johnson (from the writing workshop in Sisters in June), which was great, but which I didn't stop to think about taking pictures of. Oh well. We went to Vivace on Capitol Hill and drank good coffee.

The other people I neglected to take pictures of but who I had a very nice visit with, were my uncle Peter, aunt Ginna, and cousin Ben. Maybe I'll see them again at Thanksgiving and get some pictures then. Or maybe before that.

I had a lovely mellow birthday on Thursday, dinner with Holly and Prema, Thai food and cocktails. And many wonderful phone calls.

Now I'm hard at work on my upcoming Deva Premal concert. More on that soon. If you are in Portland, get your tickets now!

Onward into the fall!


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