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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My favorite girls

Well, I can't help it. I have to post pictures of my favorite girls again, since it's been so long since I have. Its been so great to come home this fall and have them to hang out with. And I am so excited that my friend Prema and her daughter River have moved to Portland. A new friend here, and a very cool new almost-three-year-old to hang out with (just the same age as Josie).

Willa and Josie in the sandbox in Willa's backyard.

Love this face. :)

Willa and Amelia in my living room during brunch at my house on Sunday (in honor of Kate visiting from DC). I love this one.

Prema and River in the living room.

Willa, Amelia, Holly and Josie reading a book.

Josie reading to me ("reading") from Charlotte's Web. Love that outfit.

Amelia and Kate, who hit it off pretty well. :)


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