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Saturday, October 06, 2007

A few pictures from the DP&M show

The blog posting has slowed down lately, sorry about that. Things were very busy with the Deva Premal & Miten show in the last stretch there, and then right afterwards I got sick (I'm better now). But the show was quite amazing, we had over 500 people there, the musicians were among the sweetest people I've ever worked with, and the music was beautiful. I wish I could experience it a few more times (the show, not the preparations and promotion!).

Here are some other pictures from the show (the ones in the bottom two rows are from Portland, the others are from Omega in NY).

My grandmother went to the DP&M show in Seattle with a friend and she compared it to Pete Seeger because they were getting the community to sing together. :)

DP&M have their own blog, too.

I'm taking a hiatus from concert production for a while to hang out with my favorite girls (those in the five and under category) and to write.

PS Isn't that a cool shirt? Thanks, Prema (for the shirt and half your living room on the stage)!


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