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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Five Petal Design rocks

I want to make sure everyone is aware of my amazing web designer/photographer/graphic designer friend, Briel Johnson, of Five Petal Design.

She's launched a completely updated web site with a brand new photo blog.

If you ever need any of the above services, I highly recommend her for just about anything. If you need a head shot, wedding photos, pictures of your kids, web site, poster, invitation, letterhead or anything else you can think of, Briel is your woman. Not much I need to say though, her work really speaks for herself, and her own web site is so well done it's a pleasure to explore.

I might add that she's previously worked with Tracy Grammer, Dirty Martini, Raina Rose, Beth Amsel,, Mississippi Studios, and many other cool people/groups/businesses (those are just the ones I know personally, and OK maybe I had something to do with some of them...). And she's taken my picture once or twice. See above.


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