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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Welcome Yair Israel

My cousin Moriya in Israel had her second child last week, a boy named Yair Israel. Yair means light, and Israel was my (paternal) grandfather's name. And, my cousin Amir's wife, Mirit, is 3 months pregnant (they already have three kids). Amir sent me pictures of everyone. I don't know if I can really convey how happy I get every time one of my relatives there sends me pictures. Because I love them, and because my cousins have gorgeous children, but also because there is always a joy in their faces that defies what most of us here think of when we think of life in Israel.

I totally disagree with their politics (those of settlers in the West Bank) and I went to see a really interesting speaker last week, Jeff Halper, Director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, that confirmed that. But, the depth of their spirituality and joy in life (and I especially have always seen this in Moriya) goes beyond what I see in most people around here. And this makes me happy to see. Also makes me want to visit them. Here are some pictures.

Moriya with Yair

My aunt Naomi (my father's sister) with Moriya's daughter, Tehila (21 months old)

My cousin Shuli with Tehila

Shuli's daughter, Simcha, who was born in November

Amir's son, Dvir (5) lighting candles at Channukah

Amir's daughter, Orel (9) lighting candles at Channukah


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