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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Report from the SXSW Exhibit Hall, Austin

A quick report from a computer in the Indie Village area of the exhibit hall at SXSW. My friend/hotelmate Ellen Stanley, the Publicity Director for Red House Records is a few feet away schmoozing someone very important (not sure who). We had a lovely brunch this morning at the South Austin home of Eliza Gilkyson (who is one of Ellen's artists on Red House, and someone I've promoted several times). Eliza is always fun to hang with, and it was a great pleasure to meet her super cool sister and beautiful grandchildren (I tried to kidnap Rex, who is 3 months old, but I didn't get past the living room).

Raina is living here, so I've been able to hang out with her a bit. She took me to the mother of all Whole Foods stores, a very exciting experience. Got to see Raina do a showcase last night with a great banjo player. She, Jim Olsen, and I tried to go see Ozomatli (from LA) and Public Enemy, but it was too packed to get in. Bummer, as I've really been trying to get beyond my usual acoustic music reality. Maybe some Latin bands tonight.

I also finally got to see the Winterpills perform live. Stunning (but not amazing, no)!! You must hear them. Also got to hang out with them for many hours while they dragged me around downtown Austin searching for the perfect bar. We finally found one where Paula Cole was singing a Dolly Parton song in the courtyard (have you ever heard Jolene with beatboxing? Very interesting...).

Alright, I must be off now. More later, maybe. Hoping to see Johnette Napolitano, the singer from Concrete Blonde, tonight right before Eliza's midnight showcase. And then there's this band called Balkan Beatbox from Tel Aviv, that sounds intriguing....


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