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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Music of the week

Some music-related things I am excited about this week.

Dirty Martini has a video. A real one, not just a live show, but complete with the whole band in period costume traipsing around in the woods. This cracks me up. You really have to watch it.. Or go to where you can rate it. They'd love that.

Mark Erelli has a new album out called Innocent When You Dream: Lullabyes and Love Songs. Its got some truly beautiful stuff on it including covers of songs by Deb Talan, Kris Delmhorst, James Taylor, Shawn Colvin, Wilco, etc. If you have kids or if you just like really sweet songs (like I do), I really encourage you to go order a copy right now. Or, you can get one from him at his January 13th Portland show.

Tracy Grammer is having a big holiday sale. :) If you haven't heard any Dave and Tracy albums yet, or if you need copies for gifts, this is the time to get some. In case you missed it, Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer are/were some of my favorite artists of all time, very very close to my heart. My business, Shining City, gets its name from one of Dave's lyrics "here in the shining city, here in the cave of wonder..."). If you are not familiar with them, email me and I'll send you an article I wrote about them when Dave died in 2002 (or just run out and buy my favorite of their duo albums, Tanglewood Tree, which Dave called "the first Buddhist country album").

Oh, and Rose Polenzani has the best video I've ever seen. So cute. That's really all I can say. Watch it. And then also watch the video of Rose and Annabelle Chvostek (of the Wailin' Jennys) doing a Mason Jennings cover. Even more adorable, if that's possible.

What else? I've been listening to Joshua Radin a lot this week.

Ms. Raina Rose is playing at the Alberta St. Public House every Friday in December from 6:30-8:30 for FREE, and it's all ages (bring your kids, Raina loves your kids). And there is free hot chocolate every time. Last night she had a great upright bass player with her.

Sad that the Dixie Chicks documentary, Shut Up and Sing, stopped playing at the Fox before I got to see it. :( But maybe the rain will hold off long enough today to get outside a bit. After I sit here in my cozy house a bit longer and drink some more tea. :)


  • At December 11, 2006 at 5:35 AM, Blogger Jerri said…

    Please send the article your wrote about Dave. I checked out Tracy's website and can't wait to hear her music.

    Me too on the Joshua Radin listening thing. Always glad to hear what's going on in your world.

    Light and Love to you.

  • At December 25, 2006 at 1:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I love "Pretty Black Ship". I found it through another post a while back and couldn't stop playing it. Have you seen this new one with Rose Cousins?

    You've got to see if you can't entice them to the West Cost for some shows.


  • At December 25, 2006 at 1:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I botched the URL (and it's not that new but I love it...



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