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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Monday playdate

(Post delayed because beta/blogger wasn't letting me upload pictures!)

So on Monday afternoon, Holly and her lovely girls joined Willa and I for a playdate at Wilshire Park. It was about 40 degrees out (tops!!) and my toes were freezing. But little Josie was fighting the gloves like anything while we pushed her on the bucket swing. "Higher!" "No, too high!!" She's a character. And Willa and Amelia were off to their "milkery" where they were training the other kids at the playground (all too young to refuse) how to make ice cream and rice milk by throwing sand around in strategic ways. This kept them busy for maybe an hour, only occaisonally checking in to show us something and try to enlist us. Lovely that they've hit it off so well, two very verbal very imaginative little girls.

Afterwards we came back to my house for hot chocolate. And Willa was eager to introduce everyone to Emma Lou (Amelia was eager to "go after" Emma Lou).

Here are a few pictures.

I promise we had a talk about plastic on heads right after this!!


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