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Friday, October 31, 2008

Bridges for Obama

This made me cry, just a little.

Bridges for Obama: American supporters of Sen. Barack Obama have been staging rallies abroad at world-famous bridges to show support for the Democratic presidential candidate and his pledge to span old political divisions. My cousin Jonah and his wife Jessica, who live in Cairo, are in it (at 3:07, top of the frame).

Monday, October 20, 2008

Crazy times

Its been slow around the blog. Busy time. Road trip with Tracy and Holly, the next weekend a visit to Abbie and Tom in Philomath (we also went to Newport), then last Thursday a big concert (see post about it here), and this weekend a visit from my grandmother. I'm too lazy to re-post the pictures of everything, but if you follow those links...

Next weekend Edie Carey will be in town, and the weekend after is a meditation retreat with Arinna Weisman. Then Wordstock, them my next concerts. Lots of fun with kids and concert booking in between.

Please do two things (in this order) in you live in Oregon:

1. VOTE!

2. Come to one or both of my November shows, which you can see here.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Rainbow road trip

Just returned from one of the greatest road trips ever. Nevermind that it was only three days. I was pretty sick when we left on Friday, and well when we returned last night, so it must have been good for me.

Tracy and Holly and I went to Ashland and Pistol River, where Tracy had some gigs. We got some bad coconut mate and great live music at the hippie coffee shop in Ashland, I got to experience nausea on the ridiculous and harrowing route that Tracy's GPS took us over the mountains from Grants Pass to the coast (people have died up there in worse weather...), we walked on the beach outside out hotel in Gold Beach, we ate delicious food prepared for us by the concert promoters in Pistol River, I got to sell lots of Tracy's CD to eager fans, new and old. We watched Tina Fey and Queen Latifah make fun of Sarah Palin on SNL and then proceeeded to use the word "mavericky" as many times as possible in the next 24 hours. But most of all, I came back with a [super soft] rainbow T-shirt and a deep love and appreciation for my friends.

Also see pictures here.