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Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Attic Atheneum and Mochi

Well, I don't seem to blog much anymore, but I will share two things: one is that I got a new kitten and he just ran up my back as I wrote that. Ten weeks old, got him from the Oregon Humane Society. His name is Mochi. My older cat, Emma Lou, is not too happy so far. She prefers to be the solitary queen. But I have faith that they will be friends eventually.

Perhaps more importantly (or not, kittens are very important), I was offered a slot in a great writing program, the Attic Atheneum. This means I get to work on my writing and study creative non-fiction with Karen Karbo and Cheryl Strayed for a year. Pretty wonderful opportunity. I took a class at the Attic with Karen last winter and I have been a fan of Cheryl's writing for years now (I especially recommend this gorgeous essay on loss). So this is exciting. Perhaps I should get back to working on my writing now, instead of silly blog posts... If you don't see me posting here, you'll know that's what I'm doing (either that or playing with kitties...).