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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Some links I like lately...

So I never post here anymore, but I thought instead I would share some of my other favorite blogs and web sites lately.

Carly's Baby and Fulbright in Brazil: My friend Carly, who I met in high school, recently moved to Brazil to research graffiti, married a Brazilian, and had a baby girl. That's the short version. I have really enjoyed reading about her adventures and reconnecting with her lately.

A blog post about Rootworks, women's land that was established in the 70s, where a few of my friends now live in Southern Oregon.

Mind Deep: A Mindfulness Practice Blog: After I did a five day Vipassana/Insight Meditation retreat recently at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center I went looking for stuff about insight meditation online (I have been doing these retreats for ten years, but always a new perspective...). This one is really good, I really appreciate her perspective, and the great quotes she digs up. An amazing resource. A huge collection of Dharma talks by a wide variety of Buddhist teachers, free to download (donations welcome). Rebecca Bradshaw taught the retreat I did last month, so I downloaded quite a few of hers from there.

BuddhistGeeks: Really cool web site and podcast where they interview all kinds of Buddhist teachers, musicians, and just people with interesting perspectives on Buddhist topics.

Vida: Women in Literary Arts
: A really great site with articles by various interesting women writers about women's relationships to writing and the writing community/industry.


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