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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Israeli politics and other dilemmas

Today I went with a small delegation of members of the group Brit T'Zedek v'Shalom (Jews for Peace and Justice) to meet with a staffer in Senator Ron Wyden's office. It was the first time since last summer that I'd really been engaged with the Israel/Palestine issue (well, outside of my head, that is), and it was really good to reconnect with that. Last June I went to DC for Brit T'Zedek's Advocacy days and did a bunch of these meetings. It was a great experience, even though I felt somewhat clueless compared to some people there.

Still, it is very hard for me to reconcile my part in political activism that calls for things that go against my family. Even though I do disagree with most of what they believe in, as far as that. Like settlements in the West Bank. But I think of my three cousins' five children, and I can only work toward what seems to be to be the most effective path towards peace. And this means more negotiation (with everyone), less violence, less settlements, and more humanitarian aid for Palestinians. Selfishly, I also want it to be safe for me to go visit them all there. But mostly I want it to be safe for them to grow up (I know this sounds cheesy, but there's no other way to say it).

I really wanted to upload some of the pictures of baby Simcha and my cousin Amir's three gorgeous kids, but Blogger won't let me. Not sure why (anyone else having a problem with this?).

I also tried to sign up for Hebrew Reading and Conversation class at PCC today, only to find out that it had been cancelled. :(

My other big dilemma of the day is this: Feb 23-25 is the Folk Alliance conference in Memphis. I had been planning to go, had a hotel room but not a ticket yet. Those are also the dates of the next Jennifer Lauck writing workshop here in Portland. As you may know, I did my first workshop of hers in October, and it was amazing. I met some of the loveliest people there, who have become friends. And they will be returning. I can hardly let them do it without me, can I? I must say, it really did have a profound effect on my writing (not that you'd it know from this blog), and on helping me formulate an idea for the larger project I want to be working on, which is (dare I say it??) a book about my family, particularly me, my mother and my grandmother, and whoever else fits into that. So yet again, I am faced with a choice between giving more attention to music stuff or to my writing. But I want both!!

Anyway, my carpal tunnel is a bit better, but I can still feel it when I am pushing my luck. Been wearing the wrist brace, putting Arnica gel on it, taking Vitamin B6. Got some good massage, hope to do more of that and maybe some acupuncture.

Watched a documentary earlier called Trans Generation, about four transgender college students and what they go through over a year of their lives in college. One was in Boulder (where I lived), and one was at Smith College (where I went), so that was interesting. Its a subject I've long been interested in and am always grateful for some insight into. Have read a few good books about it. Still, truly a hard thing to wrap your mind around, though I certainly want to be open-minded about it. I recommend this movie, although it seems to deal more with the practical things the kids go through than with their original process of coming to terms with it. But as someone who knew she was a lesbian by the time she was 14, I shouldn't question how young you can know these things. Though its certainly not the same thing.

It snowed in Portland today, for a too brief time....


  • At January 14, 2007 at 12:48 PM, Blogger Jerri said…

    Wanting people you love to be safe isn't cheesy, it's loving and good hearted. So are you.

    Glad to hear you're moving forward. I know it's hard. Still, it's also necessary.


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