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Friday, June 20, 2008

Tea shops and Cambridge people

A picture I took last week of Harvard Square at dusk. I kinda like it.

I like to post periodically about tea houses, and the two best in Cambridge (to my knowledge) are Tealuxe, right in the middle of Harvard Square, and Dado Tea, about a block and a half from where I am staying. They are both great (but the bubble tea at Dado is less good). Unfortunately though, neither one has roasted coconut mate like my tea shop in Portland. Only five more days...

Tomorrow is my friend Emily's wedding (this is the wedding tour). I've known her since I was six. Tonight I got to see her family at the rehearsal dinner. Hadn't seen her brothers, her parents, or her lesbian aunts in years. Her father immediately remarked on what an amazing meal we had had in Paris in 1994 and her mother about what a remarkable grown-up I was (I told her I wasn't sure). Tomorrow there will be lots of high school people I haven't seen in 15 years. And I don't think I brought the right shoes.

Here's Emily and I tonight (I wish I had one from 25 years ago to go with it, I'll have to find one and scan it later). A few more pictures are here.


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