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Friday, June 13, 2008

Cambridge and a wedding

Being back in my hometown of Cambridge, Massachusetts always makes me kind of silly and sentimental. Its been fun so far. My uncle's John Moos's wedding (in Lowell) was fun. Here are some pictures, and there are more on Facebook if you go here.

Jonah, Katie, and me.

Me, Katie's friend Katie, and Katie. :)

Katie Moos.

Lisa (the bride), me, John, and Katie.

Lisa's daughter, MaryKate, Lisa's father, the officiant (not sure exactly who she was), Lisa and John.

Me and Jonah, a few glasses of Champagne in...

So other than that, I had dinner last night with someone I dated in high school, have seen a few friends of my mom's, and am enjoying hanging out in my old neighborhood. I could never live here again though. The traffic and the lack of parking are insane (so is the humidity). OK, I miss Portland. But it's great to see everyone.


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