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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Primaries & my own news

So this week the only thing on NPR (my main news source) has been presidential primaries. We here in Portland don't get to vote for a while yet, so we have time to ponder. I am mostly for Obama, I like him, his appeal to younger people, and what he has to say, but I am still a little nervous about his lack of experience. I want to believe in him.

And I do love the Yes We Can video. Watch it, if you haven't already.

Some people say Obama should wait 4 or 8 years and then run. Some people say that Hillary has too many enemies in Washington. There are all kinds of other things flying around, obviously. I'd love to know the take of my blog readers (if you're out there).

What do you think? Speak up.

~ ~ ~

On an unrelated note, it seems I am actually for real about to (next week) close on a house that my lovely grandmother, Happie, is helping me buy. Its a beautiful house with a spiffy kitchen, a great backyard, just south of NE Alberta, and I am so excited! Of course now that I should be packing up my current house, I am reading blogs about politics, music, lesbian parenting and all kinds of fun things (and this post about something totally lame).

I also have two really great concerts coming up, Tracy Grammer solo, and Kris Delmhorst with the amazing Winterpills (how much do I love Signature Sounds artists?!). I'll say more about them soon (but I will say now that Tracy's show is fast on it's way to selling out).


  • At February 8, 2008 at 1:31 AM, Blogger Carrie Wilson Link said…

    I think it's his lack of "experience" that has me trusting him, and Hilary's tremendous "experience" that makes me leery.

  • At February 8, 2008 at 9:08 AM, Blogger riversgrace said…

    Yeah, feel a bit torn, but heading to Obama. It's the hope thing. But I feel badly that Hillary has so much experience, paid her dues for so many years, and is being passed over for a nice guy. That seems so typical.

  • At February 8, 2008 at 9:09 AM, Blogger riversgrace said…

    oh yeah, YAY packing!

  • At February 11, 2008 at 11:10 AM, Blogger grammer said…

    i cast a vote for clinton here in massachusetts. she's not nearly as smooth as obama, seems more focused on being effective rather than "nice". i trust her to do that.

    jh also voted for hillary, acknowledging at the polls that his bias against her was primarily sexist.

    all this said, if obama wins the nomination, neither of us will be heartbroken. /t

  • At February 23, 2008 at 7:43 AM, Anonymous Peggy said…

    As you know Jess I am so way NOT political it is scary. That being said, I must say that I have jumped on the OBAMA bandwagon from "DAY ONE". The reason for that being - the man is a powerful driving force that I think will serve this nation well. My beloved fiance register me to vote. He is a DEM, was behind Hilary because of the Clinton years, but has gotten turned off to her "IIIIII" statements and now is also behind OBAMA! I,on the other hand, am a registered Republican, but you better believe that ain't the way I'm gonna be a votin'!! I hope the rest of the country turns out in mass to voice their sentiments by voting in 2008!


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